Practical tips for all of us to reduce climate change

To figure out how to stop global warming, we need to focus less on a singular solution and more on ways that every person can contribute to a better planet. However, many of us are unsure what we can do on a daily basis to make things better. Sure, we can be more energy conscious, recycle our soda cans and cardboard, and drive our cars around less. But is that it? What else can we do to reduce climate change?

How much can our individual actions really change what’s happening to our environment? I’ll explore the massive topic of climate change, the truth about what’s causing it, and what we each can do in various areas of our life to mitigate our respective impacts.

What is global warming?

For years there were disagreements over the legitimacy of global warming, also known as climate change. Some of those conversations still exist today. Luckily for the environment, the central focus of most discussions on climate change today has turned from doubts over its existence to seeking answers (sometimes very interesting answers) on how to stop global warming.

The basic principle of global warming is this:

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